self portrait

Hej, ich bin Dieter, Künstler, lebe in Schweden und Österreich

Ich bin freischaffender Künstler mit einem breiten Arbeitsfeld. Ich arbeite in verschieden künstlerrischen Bereichen wie Fotografie, Skulptur, Malerei und Zeichnen. Unter einem Zeitraum von 12 Jahren leitede ich Kurse in Aquarellmalen, Ikonenschreiben, und Zeichnen. Ich bin oft unterwegs in vielen Ländern und die Eindrücke meiner Reisen dokumentiere ich mit meiner Kamera. 

   Ich lebte sechs Jahre auf Kreta, wo ich als friskaffande Künstler arbeitete. Ein großes Gemälde aus dieser Zeit, donierte ich vor kurzem einem Museum auf Kreta. Dort bekam ich eine Ausbildung im Ikonenschreiben und mit der Zeit wurden es ca 600 Ikonen.

   Später besuchte ich einige male Kuba und wie immer auf meinen Reisen fotografierte ich sehr viel. Eine Auswahl meine fotografien kan man in meinem Fotobuch “Cuba Oldtimers” sehen. Auch malte ich unter diesr Periode eine grössere Anzahl von Ölbildern. 

   Unter den letzten 7 Jahren war ich regelmäßig in Indien, wo Ich am Bau einer Schule für arme Kinder mitwirkte.

   Zur  Zeit arbeite ich an einer Ausstellung “Dinner for Bike Aliens” und hoffe die Ausstellung in einem Jahr zu vollenden.

About my Art and Participations

 Dieter a multi faceted and multidimensional artist whose work spans a broad range of subjects was born in Graz, Austria and lives and works in Stockholm and Graz.

   Beginning as a portrait painter, Dieter Kunz, besides being an avid traveller to countries like Cuba, Austria, Greece, and India, is a photographer, visual artist, sculptor and installation artist. He is passionate about architecture, music, cycles and cars which resonate in his works. He expresses himself through pencil, water and oil colours, the depth and richness of oils making them his favourite medium.

   All starts in Greece, where he spend six years, he learnd the art of iconography for decoration of the churches and under a period of 10 years he painted about 600 Icons and many portrait paintings and landscapes there. 

   Initially working with photo realism he created photo books and spent some times in Cuba, and inspired by many old timers (cars) still running, He published a photo book called “Cuba Oldtimers”.  Later on his work concentrated on restored American cars. In his words they reminded him “of a woman’s body shape” and in a way brought the concept of the American dream into his work. His love for cars is conveyed through his paintings. Under a period of two years he has been working with Formula one. The speed and beauty of these cars has been the main motiv for this oil paintings.

   Later he visited India and was fascinated by its night life, the chaos & dance of the night time traffic. This resulted in a photo book soon after. In the same genre he began a book project on the city of his birth, Graz, which were illustrative compilations, in pencil, of remembered stories about the city all contributed by famous writers belonging to Gaz. He named it, “Rooftops over Graz”. 

   Another project close to his heart is the one he did archiving the history of cycles. He created installations, sculptures and banquets for cycle enthusiasts using bicycle chains, tail lights, handle bars etc. These lavish buffets involved salads made from cycle bits & parts, marked by humour in true Dieter style.  The last  year he has been working on a big exhibition “Dinner for bike Aliens” and next year this exhibition will be completed. Same time he will published his latesd book about bicykles.









Ausstellungen 2009 - 2016

2009 Västerås Kulturen, Sweden    2015 Galerie Centrum Graz, Austria
2009 Rättvik Hotell Öerdalshöjden, Sweden    
2009 Kista Konstmässa, Sweden    2016 Art Tribal Museum Bopal-Indien
2009 Folkets Hus Graz, Austria    2016 Museale S. Francesco Montefalco
     2016 Umbrien Galerie Centrum Graz
2010 Mumbai Prince of Wales Museum India    
2010  Lady Florence Public School New Delhi, India    
2010 The Fine Arts Museum Chandigarh, India    
2010 Konstnärernas Höstsalong Kistamässan, Sweden    
2010 Ateljé Gamla skokällan Märsta    
2010  Wall for peace - Art Fair Istanbul, Turky    
2010  Enggården Arvika, Sweden    
2011 India Habitat Centre - New Delhi    
2011  Enggården Arvika, Sweden    
2011  Dieselverkstan, Stockholm Sweden    
2012 Kulturfyren Skeppsholmen, Stockholm Sweden    
2012  Dieselkverkstan, Stockholm  Sweden    
2013  Art Gallery Sanskruti Bhavan, Goa- India    
2013  Vasco City Wall, Goa-India    
2013  Kunstisalong Allee, Tallin, Estland    
2013  Ajakeskus Wittenstein, Paide, Tallin, Estland    
2013  Oxford Castle Prison, England    
2013  Galeria E Arteve Pamore Tetove, Makedonia    
2013  Hypobank Graz, Austria    
2013  Steirmarkhof Graz, Austria    
2014 Hotell Wyndham, Doha, Qatar    
2014  Sulaymanya, Kurdistan    


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Old timers
Formula one


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Bonsai caddy
Steirer mit Fernblick


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Cuba Oldtimers
Dächer über Graz


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Dinner For Bike Aliens

Bike Aliens

They came from far away. They have traveled through endless galaxies to ultimately land on our planet. 

My story begins with these smallest particles, as large as an atom, perhaps even smaller, and they are known to come from the universe. They form together an energy cloud, which can take various forms. In search of a new form of life, these particles have been emigrated from their iron planet and exept on our beautiful planet Earth - and with me (in my workshop!) Landed. They are called “aliens”. 

Here, well, these aliens have discovered the old, worn bicycles, which are around me. In these old bicycles the aliens have immediately fallen in love: they play, juggle, hide in old bike parts, they build new forms and sometimes even turn into bike aliens to astonish us. So they have landed at the right place in my workshop, because I have been dealing with old bicycles artistically for many years. 

I break them into their parts and build something new again. Sometimes a bike- alien helps me and tells me how he likes to look. Then I try very hard to reproduce his portrait true-to-nature. 




Sometimes the bike alien tells the “Marsians” of people who want to y to Mars. This is an interesting area to go for a walk, here I would like to be between once, and even before the space Mars probe one day there will land. 

Fernweh and Reiselust accompany me all my life, I am always traveling for a longer time: in Greece, Italy, Cuba, Turkey, India, Sweden (where I live) and Aus- tria, where I was born. Since it is not far to Mars, or up to the iron planet of the bike aliens. Who knows, maybe they’ll take me to their friends one day ... .. 

In the end, it has become a bicycle book and an exhibition “Dinner for Bike- Aliens”. 

Then I hope very much that the bike aliens will give pleasure to one or the other world citizen, or that they can whisper us stories from Mars in the ear: one should listen attentively to them! 

Dieter Kunz 


Upcoming Photo Book
Five seater sculpture in school yard in Kaliyawala village

In einem kleinen Dorf in Nord Indien baute ich diesen 5 Seater für die Kinder der Dorfschule. Das Dorf Kalianwala liegt in der Nähe der Stadt Jaspur (Provinz Uttrakandh. Wie man den Bildern entnehmen kan so haben die Kinder spass smit der Skulptur und auch die Lehrer freuen sich. Der Rektor schaut aus dem Häuschen und winkt.